Adding Microsoft Forms into Software Center

Recently I was thinking about good ways to gather feedback from people in our pilot ring without putting a burden on them. We used to get feedback through different channels like emails, Skype/Teams messages, face-to-face at the water cooler etc… but none of those provide us with actual data that could be analyzed to make data driven decisions.

As of ConfigMgr CB 1906 there is the option to add up to 5 custom links in the Software Center, which can be configured in a Client Policy.

So the solution is actually very simple, yet beautiful at the same time!

I simply created a feedback form using Microsoft Forms, creating a few very basic questions such as:

  • Install date of the updates (for troubleshooting purposes)
  • Type of updates (Windows/Office/etc…)
  • Duration of the installation (for trending purposes)
  • Installation location (in the office vs. remote)
  • Did the installation complete successfully?
  • Did any issues occur after the updates were installed
  • Description box in case issues did occur to provide more info

Then I simply added a new client policy that contains a custom link in the Software Center pointing to the Microsoft Forms feedback form, and deployed it to our ‘Ring 1’ pilot collection.

The result is that our pilot users can now quickly and easily provide feedback directly from their Software Center, by just taking 2-3 minutes to answer those few basic questions. At the same time, results in Microsoft Forms get analyzed and can even be exported to Excel, where you can then unleash the power of Power BI on it to do some trending!

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