Microsoft O365 Monthly Channel Update Failures – Workaround!

For those who are impacted by the Microsoft Monthly Channel Updates failures as described on, there is a workaround if you are using SCCM (or should I say MEMCM?).

In the ConfigMgr Console, when selecting Office 365 Client Management under the Software Library node, you can click on the Office 365 Installer item in the dashboard to build a new application to install Office 365.

This will take you to the online Office Customization Tool where you can configure a lot of different settings, the most important one here being the Channel and version.

At the moment of writing, version 1911 is not available yet in the version selection options for Monthly Channel, but the latest one is 1910 build 12130.20410, which is – according to Microsoft’s statement – the one where the update issue should be fixed.

At the end of the wizard you should get a Review page with all your selected choices, after which you can hit Submit to return to the ConfigMgr window and complete your application build.

It can take a while for the build to complete (depending on the languages and options you selected), but once completed you should be left with a new Microsoft Office 365 application in the root of the Applications folder in the Software Library node, which you can then deploy to your Monthly Channel users which will update their existing Office 365 Monthly Channel installation to version 1910 build 12130.20410.

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